The monograph on the works of painter, graffiti artist, activist and muralist Asim Butt titled Rebel Angel encompasses his substantial contribution to contemporary art in Pakistan. Even in the span of his brief but prolific career,

Asim Butt proved that he was a theoretical researcher of art as much as a practicing artist and that is what made his production informed and significant.  Asim Butt was also an intrepid activist and his compulsive need to raise a voice against injustice  led him towards the subversive mediums of art -- graffiti, street murals and wall chalkings.

As the monograph reveals Asim Butt’s paintings reflect a relentless exploration of existential paradoxes and thoughtful enquiry into the psychological conditions of the human mind. 

He was disposed to portraying the world as convulsive and ruptured which was the ways he envisioned it. However, there was a humanity in him that prevented him from being acerbic. The essays that engage with the personal as seen through the eyes of his friends and colleagues are insightful in that they show us the true face of Asim – quirky, eccentric, flamboyant, yet deeply loyal and affectionate.

All proceeds from the auction and book sales will be donated to the Asim Butt Trust, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping the under-served achieve their dreams

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